AntarcticOmega is pleased to introduce to the Petfood Forum community the most modern technology of low-temperature vacuum deodorizing and physical refining fishoil intended for Premium petfood ingredients.

The pristine waters of the South Pacific Seas provide our products with the highest content of natural Omega-3, an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid with proven health benefits into pet nutrition.

The benefits of a gentle low-temperature vacuum deodorization include protecting the integrity of valuable EPA and DHA, neutralizing the fishy aroma, and maintaining the palatability of a premium marine ingredient in the final petfood.

Manufactured with 100% sustainable fish sources and fully traceable by independent inspectors.

AntarcticOmega Premium Deodorized Fishoil is one step forward into the premiumization of petfood formulations, and is offered in 3 exclusive formulations: SALMON FISHOIL, SARDINE FISHOIL, and ANCHOVY FISHOIL.

Imported from Chile and distributed from our FDA-licensed food facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

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