Improve the taste, eye appeal, processing, and labeling of dog and cat foods and other animal nutrition products with Briess natural specialty ingredients. Briess ingredients deliver benefits that pet owners want: natural; non-GMO; no artificial colors, additives, or preservatives; AAFCO compliant; GRAS; simple label declarations; and made in the U.S.A. Ask about our many grain-and starch-based ingredient solutions. Organic options are available.

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Dona Leonard

Division Manager Central

Bob Hansen

Director Technical Services

David Frumkin

Division Manager Northeast

Martin McKinney

Division Manager Southeast

Suzanne Hammer

Division Manager West

Shawn Kohlmeier

Sales Manager Food Ingredients

Bill Schaeffer

VP Sales Marketing

Wiwid Paramita

Technical Sales Specialist

Ron Schroder

Marketing Manager

Jade See

Marketing Coordinator Food