BS&B Designs and Manufactures explosion protection solutions for the Pet Food Industry. We can provide protection for your process equipment, handling dry combustible products, such as dust collectors, filter receivers, mixers, bucket elevators, milling systems, bins and silos.

Our solutions include conventional explosion venting, Flamefree Venting, Explosion Suppression and Explosion Isolation, including Chemical Isolation, Flap Style Valves and Pinch Valves.

BS&B offers engineering support and services to owners, operators, and engineering consultants. The company offers a large field service network to support clients and periodic inspections in accordance with relevant codes and standards. Dust testing services are also available.

Supplier Detail


Clive Nixon

Sales Northeast USA Northern Illinois and International

Mike Goff

Sales South Central Southern and Mountain States

Tim Elsner

Sales North Central USA Canada and OEMs

Wylie Musel

Sales Great Lakes States to Southeast USA

Tommy Chau

Explosion Venting Specialist

Oscar Flores

Sales Mexico and South America