What would you like to dry today?

Commercial Dehydrator Systems (www.Dyer.com) has been in business for 112 years manufacturing high-quality, high-volume dehydration equipment here in the US. We have worked with numerous pet food and treat manufacturers over the years solving their dehydration needs. Our process of controlling temperature and humidity with maximum airflow has made us the market leader in dehydration.

CDS has worked with clients in perfecting the drying process for many different items including fruits, vegetables, proteins and blended product for the pet food and treat market. We offer product testing in our test kitchen in Eugene, OR. We welcome the opportunity to have you bring your own products to our facility and will work with you and show you how our technology will decrease your dry times.

Since 1911 CDS has partnered with accounts from start-ups to multi-million dollar pet food operations. We manufacture many models that are expandable so as your business grows our dehydrators can be enlarged for minimal costs.

Stop by #3975 to find out more about how Commercial Dehydrator can partner with you.

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