From Mixing & Emulsifying to Virtually Waste-Free Portioning SolutionsÂ
Handtmann offers a full range of equipment for pet food processors from smart INOTEC Mixers and Emulsifiers to gram-sensitive Handtmann Depositing, Forming and Cutting solutions. Â
 Two independently controlled VarioMix spirals elevate mixing quality while reducing batch times dramatically.  INOTEC’s self-adjusting radial cutting set delivers precision emulsions over an extended life while other smart INOTEC innovations manage critical parameters with automated control.    Â
 Rugged Handtmann processing solutions reduce waste with consistent single and multi-lane accuracy that lets processors control overweights exactly without the worry of underweights, use labor more efficiently, and come with the confidence of a 2-year/2,000 hour warranty. Â

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