Hydro-Thermal is the global leader in direct steam injection (DSI) fluid heating, cooking and processing systems for industrial and sanitary heating applications. Our patented technology mixes steam and process liquids thoroughly while delivering precise, consistent temperature and on-demand heating.

We help pet food manufacturers maintain product quality by providing DSI heaters to heat liquids and process fluids reliably and to precise temperatures for meat slurry cooking, sanitation, CIP, water heating and more.

Our latest innovation is the Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater – a 3A certified sanitary DSI cooker designed for the ultimate process flexibility and stability. It provides shear and pressure control, is fully CIP-able, eliminates burn-on, and is ideal for cooking thick mashes and sauces with ultra-precise temperature control.

Hydro-Thermal is committed to delivering the most innovative and high-quality products with exceptional customer service – all backed by the industry’s best 100% performance guarantee.

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