MFiber has been in pet food for over 5 years as a listed ingredient as well as a carrier for premixes. MFiber is a cellulose fiber ingredient that comes from a perennial grass called Miscanthus giganteous and is grown in the Midwest by local farmers. It is the wholesome choice for dog and cat food diets because it is produced using NO CHEMICALS.

MFiber is All-Natural, non-GMO, grain free, non-pea and sustainable. MFiber production uses 86% less fossil fuel, emits 87% less Greenhouse Gasses and consumes 98% less water than traditional powdered cellulose fiber. Research supports the use of MFiber in pet diets and has been fed around the world. Finally, you have options for insoluble fiber!

Best-In-Category for Sustainability presented by the Pet Sustainability Coalition



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