About MicroDried Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Milne MicroDried’s innovative dried fruits and vegetables are 100% pure, plant-based ingredients rich in color and nutrition – perfect for premium pet treats and foods. These low-calorie, non-GMO ingredients have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are available in over 40 varieties and select organics. Already in several premium treats, these ingredients are ideal for functional, high-energy foods for active pets and can be a vital part of a complete and balanced nutrition program. Available in powders, fragments and whole pieces, MicroDried ingredients are dried using proprietary low-impact vacuum radiant technology to help preserve natural vitamins and minerals and can be customized for moisture content and texture.

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Greg Anchondo

Regional Sales Manager

Heidi Farkas

National Sales Marketing Manager

Steve Nugent

Director of IQF Dried Export Sales and International Business Dev