Petsource by Scoular

Operational in October!

Introducing Petsource by Scoular. With Petsource, we’re redefining what start-to-finish looks like in contract manufacturing. We bring product development, meat processing, freeze-drying, and packaging of high-protein ingredients under one roof – providing unparalleled levels of safety, quality, and reliability across the freeze-dried pet food supply chain. As today’s pet food owner seeks raw, clean label options, you can rely on Petsource.
Our processing capabilities include:
•    Recipe development
•    Whole Muscle Dicing
•    Blending & Forming
•    Freeze Drying
•    Multiple Packaging options



United States

Supplier Detail

Ingredients - Macro

Chad Kucks

Supply Chain Director

Amy Tesinsky

Research and Innovation Manager

Steven Moore

Food Safety Quality Innovation Director

Amy Patterson

General Manager