PhytoGaia is a leading supplier of palm phytonutrients in the world. With our vast industry experience, extensive knowledge and specialization in oil palm and natural ingredients, we proudly offer the finest sustainable palm phytonutrient ingredients, backed by science and complemented by cutting-edge delivery systems as well as innovative solutions. PhytoGaia is dedicated to delivering clean, clinically researched palm phytonutrients namely tocotrienols (super vitamin E), squalene, mixed-carotene and medium-chain triglycerides to clients in various industries including the pet food industry. Our range of palm tocotrienol products have unique product quality attributes that are unmatched by any other palm phytonutrient producers in the market. Stringent quality control ensures that our branded ingredients meet industry standards, providing a peace of mind to our valued clients.

Our mission is to be the leading producer of unique natural ingredients that are clean, clinically-substantiated with IP-protection and strong commitment to the highest quality standards. We strive to achieve our mission via these values and attributes: Synergism, Value-Add, Mutual Benefits, Passion, Proactive, Professionalism & Innovative Solutions Provider. Discover the transformative power of nature’s gifts of palm phytonutrients in pet nutrition and petcare.

Join us in this journey toward healthier, happier and more vibrant pets. Visit for more information.

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Bryan See

Vice President (Business Development and Technical Support)

Dr. Ariati Aris

Scientific Affairs Specialist