Re-usable-Sustainable-Food Safe-Employee Safe

To maximize the value of your finished goods you need to ensure that your food products are fresh and safe. The Sæplast PE line of containers, buggies and pallets are well-established as the best option for the safe and efficient handling of pet food raw materials.

The Saeplast PE line’s triple-layered polyethylene construction gives it exceptional strength while still being light and easy to handle with low noise levels, and this versatile combination provides long-term durability for reduced overall costs.

The unique ergonomic ‘closed cell core’ design does not absorb liquid and prevents the growth of harmful bacterial growth to deliver highly effective hygiene control.

The one piece construction avoids easily-broken joints or the creation of hard-to-access crevasses to ensure easy cleaning and sanitization.

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Chris French

Sales Director North America

David Highberger

Territory Manager