Scan American offers unique pet food processing technology and complete processing lines. Our solutions include whole pallet crushers, fresh/frozen grinders, mixers, emulsifiers and pumps, pipeline metal detection, inline analysis, plate freezers, automated block loading/unloading/palletizing, continuous cooking systems, UHT processing, complete meat slurry lines, air purification, odor abatement, automatic bin/tote washers, X-Ray inspection and system integration. Highly experienced engineering, technical, and spare parts service provided 24-7 from our headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

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Equipment - Processing

Aaron Chabino

Product Engineer Scan American

Morten Parmo

Product Engineer Scan American

Charlie Parker

Founder Scan American

Tony Jacobsen

Product Manager Scan American

Ben Parker

Managing Director Scan American

Henrik Sandberg

Managing Director Scansteel Foodtech

David Bosworth

Product Engineer Sapphire SAC

Marina Tosi

Director of Marketing Scan American