As a leading global pet food ingredient supplier, we source a full range of wet and dry pet food ingredients in a variety of formats. We understand the need for customized solutions with a safe, nutritious, high-quality and reliable ingredient supply. Our 30+ years of end-to-end experience in the pet food industry has given us the supply-chain strength and product expertise you need — including access to a wide range of clean label, sustainable high-nutritional value proteins, ancient grains and non-GMO and organic ingredients. Ask us about our new product offerings: Emerge barley protein concentrate, Encompass fishmeal and more.

-Fish meals, animal meals, spray-dried fish and meats
-Fats, oils, lecithin
-Flours, fibers and starches
-Frozen fish and meats
-Grain-free, plant-based and functional proteins
-Freeze-dried contract manufacturing from Petsource

Supplier Detail

Fish Products
Fresh Meats
Grain Products
Ingredients - Macro
Meat Alternatives/Alternative Proteins
Meat Products
Poultry Products

Britt Cherry

Trade Unit Manager Vegetable Based Ingredients

Ted Fields

Trade Unit Manager Frozen Meats

Mike Beckius

Trade Unit Manager Novelty Animal Meals and Hydrolysates

Justin Stadden

Product Group Manager VegAlt Ingredients

Meg Miller

Merchandiser Grain Free Pulses and Oilseeds

Evan Ibach

Trade Unit Manager Fish Meal

Chris Klaska

Product Group Manager Fats and Oils

Kyle Canning

Product Unit Manager Beef Poultry and Animal Meals