Surdry North America (SNA) is the U.S.-based partner of Surdry S.L., a Spanish company dedicated to manufacturing world-class retorts for shelf-stable foods since 1981. SNA is the primary sales, service and support office for Surdry in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Surdry is a company exclusively dedicated to manufacturing retorts for shelf-stable foods since its inception in 1981 and has become a world-class, technology leader in retorts for sterilization of food and beverage products in cans, jars, pouches, trays, tetra recart or any other type of “retortable” container. A key milestone in the history of Surdry is the invention of the Steam & Water Spray Retort (SWS), which is an industry standard in North America and is highly regarded for its multiple benefits and versatility.

Supplier Detail

Julian Stauffer

Product Manager

John Schulz

Field Service Engineer

Adriana Farris

Product Manager