Taranaki Bio Extracts brings the best of New Zealand grass-fed beef bones and responsibly sourced raw materials to their human-grade pet food ingredients range, Bonefide Gold – supplying pet food manufacturers with pure human-grade bone broths and customized ingredients that meet the demands of today’s discerning pet food consumer.

The range is ideal for incorporating in premium functional pet food formulations and gravy-style meal toppers. It is crafted by an experienced team, led by an award-winning New Zealand Food Process Engineer (PhD). The pure beef bone broth/extract has a high protein content at 44% min, and is a naturally rich source of collagen, glucosamine and key amino acids; glycine and proline.

Bonefide Gold ingredients are sustainable, ethical, and minimally processed, and the healthful formulas are free from additives, colorings, flavor enhancers, GMOs and other nasties – Enhance your recipe with the New Zealand Difference.

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