Videka Petfood provides food protection antioxidants for petfood manufacturers, renderers and markets under three brand names – Herbalox, Duralox, and Greenway. We’ve launched into the North American market and will also be introducing our brands into other markets in the near term. Videka Petfood combines the leadership of two reputable parent companies, Kalsec and Diana Petfood, with the advantage of being vertically integrated and globally sourced to supply today’s needs and create the next generation of natural products that help our customers grow.

Videka is a natural leader in customized pet food protection; committed to creating customized, clean, innovative solutions extracted from nature for pets and pet parents. In late 2019, we introduced a state-of-the art, full service testing lab in Kalamazoo, MI to support our North America efforts.

Utilizing scientific knowledge, technical dexterity and the analytical and sensory expertise of our scientists and staff, we collaborate with our customers to problem solve, co-develop and support their growth with next generation products. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of flexibility, transparency, and purpose as well as information sharing and feedback so we can be a trusted resource every step of the way, including aftermarket services.

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Cristiana Allers

Customer Service Manager

Vikki Daly

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Robb Caseria

Managing Director

Kevin Meyle

Global Director of Sales

Nico Coneggo

Technical Sales Manager

Jian Li PhD

Scientic Manager